Pics of commuter rail at downtown station

by jude galligan

This past Sunday I caught an impromptu glance at the Commuter Rail Train parked at the downtown station.  Up close, the trains are beautiful.  Compared to a subway train, or if you’ve ever seen the NJ-transit trains, Austin’s commuter rail looks like a Mercedes.  When I arrived, there were about 25 CapMetro workers milling about.  I tried to discretely walk into the train but was cut off by an official looking guy.  Still i managed to grab some pics where you can see the interior.  Looks pretty cool!

Austin Commuter Rail - Downtown Austin Station

Austin Commuter Rail - Downtown Austin Station

One thing I am disappointed with is the gazebos.  They’re small, don’t protect from the elements, and are fire-engine red.  We spend millions of dollars on a train and get these crummy gazebos. The service won’t officially start until March, but it’s good to see this thing moving.  From my window, I can see it going by and it is very quiet.

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  1. The stations aren’t really any worse than par for the course for light rail – if you were expecting subway-style stations, you were bound to be disappointed either way. It’s all small potatoes compared to this problem:

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