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Historic Downtown Austin property for sale

by jude galligan

downtown austin 107 w 6th 78701

107 W 6th St Austin, TX 78701

To the chagrin of everyone who lives, works, and drives through Downtown Austin, the former office of the Texas Comptroller has owned, occupied, vacated, and allowed to rot, this remarkable piece of real estate.  I can’t imagine how many thousands of people have attempted to peer through the windows that were covered from the inside with thick construction paper.  From the outside, the building always had a cool mid-century modern design.  Located at the corner of 6th and Colorado, and not burdened with a Capitol View Corridor, I expect this building to get the attention of some big developers.  The listing gives it an address of 107 w 6th, 78701.  Traviscad has no address for it other than “W 6th”.

H E B at corner of 6th and Colorado

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