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Farewell Gallery Lombardi

Say farewell to Gallery Lombardi

Say farewell to Gallery Lombardi

Generally, I’ve never been the kind of person that really enjoys art shows.    But, I really like living in a neighborhood where the arts are appreciated and supported.   I like knowing that there are art shows going on.   So, it is with that sentiment that I am saddened to learn that Gallery Lombardi will be closing it’s doors next month.   From the announcement which was emailed to a friend of mine…

“Proprietor Ron Prince opened Gallery Lombard in 1996 on 3rd & Bowie, his motto has always been, ‘everyone is an artist’.  Ron Prince says “If you are a creative person, and you have an opportunity to be creative, consider yourself blessed.  The rest is window dressing.”  I have been lucky to work in this creative, supportive environment since 2000.  I just made a quick count, it seems I’ve directed and/or curated 144 group art shows at Gallery Lombardi.  wow.”

SOLD! Plaza Lofts #1208

Downtown Austins Plaza Lofts

Downtown Austin's Plaza Lofts

LP: $320,000
SP: $310,000
SF: 1,194

Top floor at Plaza Lofts for $260psf is a very good deal.  From Kumara Wilcoxen’s listing… “Top floor condo located in the most desirable location downtown. 13ft ceilings, floor-ceiling windows, polished concrete floors, granite, travertine marble baths. Walk to dining, entertainment, town lake etc.”

311 w 5th st, austin, tx 78701


Gang Of Female Bandits Preying On Men

A buddy of mine just sent me this link to an article about a “Gang Of Female Bandits Preying On Men” on 6th street.   The title roped me in and it just got better from there.

“At this point, it’s 5:30 in the morning. I know who I am. So I hitchhike all the way back to my apartment, about three miles. And I’m going into my building and, because it was such an obscure hour, I needed my building ID, so I get my wallet out and I realize it’s been completely rifled through. And so that was really my heads-up.”


Pics of commuter rail at downtown station

by jude galligan

This past Sunday I caught an impromptu glance at the Commuter Rail Train parked at the downtown station.  Up close, the trains are beautiful.  Compared to a subway train, or if you’ve ever seen the NJ-transit trains, Austin’s commuter rail looks like a Mercedes.  When I arrived, there were about 25 CapMetro workers milling about.  I tried to discretely walk into the train but was cut off by an official looking guy.  Still i managed to grab some pics where you can see the interior.  Looks pretty cool!

Austin Commuter Rail - Downtown Austin Station

Austin Commuter Rail - Downtown Austin Station

One thing I am disappointed with is the gazebos.  They’re small, don’t protect from the elements, and are fire-engine red.  We spend millions of dollars on a train and get these crummy gazebos. The service won’t officially start until March, but it’s good to see this thing moving.  From my window, I can see it going by and it is very quiet.

More pics after the jump!

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Paradox and Planeta are SHUT DOWN!

by jude galligan

Bye bye Paradox!  Dont let the door hit ya!

Bye bye Paradox! Don't let the door hit ya!

For months there have been rumors that Tim Finley would not renew the leases for night clubs Paradox and Planeta.  According to the Austin Police Department Downtown Area Command, Tim Finley officially terminated their leases yesterday.

[update] Through the grapevine, I’m being told that Finley is not in a big rush to find a replacement tenant, and he is not inclined to install another bar.  The building is actually pretty nice once all of the black plexiglass peels off.  This weekend I’ll try to find some old photos of the building and hopefully put together some history.  The intersection of 5th (formerly Pine St) and Trinity is one of the very few instances in Austin where each building, on each corner, was built before 1940.