Day three, becoming a model urban neighborhood: what does Downtown Austin need?

Each day this week I am serving up one item, with non-politically correct candor, that Downtown Austin needs to become a model of re-urbanization, as I see it.

Politicians love to talk, form task forces, and spend time doing everything except for making decisions as they are needed.  So, this is an appeal to Downtown Austin stakeholders that know how to get things done:  the residents, developers, retailers, and land owners.

I want more local grocery stores like Royal Blue or Fresh Plus

Developers, do you want a successful building?  Then just give George Scariano space with free rent.  I’m only partially kidding.  This is a huge amenity.  Not just developers, but the hotels and convention center should be lobbying for this type of retail.  Fancy finish-out not required.  A successful Downtown neighborhood has multiple choices for purchase groceries on a daily basis.  The only thing that bugs me about Royal Blue is that both locations are on the wrong side of Congress for me to quickly get there.

Tim Finley has a place available at E. 5th @ Trinity – the large warehouse where Paradox used to be located.   Think of the convention and hotel traffic in addition to the residential business from 555, Brazos Lofts, Avenue Lofts, Sabine, and Railyard.  These are all located within a couple of blocks of 5th @ Trinity and combined include over 368 units not counting the Four Seasons!

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Jude Galligan, REALTOR, Principal of TOWERS Realty and publisher of Downtown Austin Blog (aka. "DAB"), spends his time matching remarkable people with remarkable properties in Austin’s urban core. A resident owner in downtown Austin, Jude has served on the Board of the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) and the City of Austin Downtown Commission. Contact Jude.


  1. Great idea! I would *love* to see a grocery store there.

    Unfortunately, it would probably be a magnet for the homeless in the area.

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