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Downtown Austin Flash Mob – Whole Foods

Nice example of urban hackery.  Yesterday, months of planning came through with an Improv Everywhere-esque human freeze at Whole Foods.  This is why I love Austin (and Whole Foods)… from the Flash Mob Austin blog…

“Can we just do a quick shout-out to Whole Foods and their Lamar/ Flagship crew? They were such good sports! They could have very easily gotten annoyed and angry and demanded that we leave, but they were super cool with it.  Huge kudos goes out to Whole Foods security, managers, and food staff on the salad bar side of the store. Thanks for not calling the police! Oh, and thanks so much to those who grabbed some lunch there or bought some groceries after you unfroze!”

Video of the Flash Mob @ Whole Foods

Flash Mob Wiki

DANA elects new leadership

DANA elects new leadership

Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association DANA

If you live in Downtown Austin, or have an interest in its growth, then you should consider joining DANA.   The Downtown Austin Neighborhood Assocition recently transitioned its leadership team.  Outgoing President Marshall Jones remains on the board, while Jamie LaGarde takes his new role as President.  Marshall has been President of DANA for the past two years.  This is a tireless and, often, thankless job.  Of course, these positions are volunteer without pay.  Marshall always had the ability to approach political challenges with grace and class.  I can comforatbly speak for all DANA members when I thank him for his commitment to making DANA the knowledgeable, influential, and social organization it is today.  With over 1,000 members and growing, Marshall and the presidents that preceded him can be proud of what they’ve created.

Leaving the board is Jim Furrow and Michael McGill, though each will remain active DANA members, and you can expect they will continue to be vocal stakeholders in the Downtown community.

Welcome the new DANA Board:

Jamie LaGarde – President (Austin City Lofts)
Roger Cauvin – Vice President (Plaza Lofts)
Randy Hammelman – Treasurer
Lindsay Wiebrand – Secretary (Gables West)
Larry Schooler (404 Rio Grande)
Bill McCann (360)
Greg Anderson (360)
Josh Allen
Will Steakley (360)
Jude Galligan *your’s truly* (Sabine on 5th)
Marshall Jones (Five Fifty 5)
David Weaver (Plaza Lofts)
Shayama Golden (Railyard)

Spring [almost] tops out

Spring [almost] tops out

Spring tops out at 42 stories

Spring almost topped out at 42 stories

According to an email I received this morning from the developer, Spring condominiums will complete it’s vertical construction soon and is on pace to be ready for move in by this summer.  Word on the street is Spring has more than 60% of the units under contract.

From the announcement…

“Expect to see a tree on the top of Spring Condominium soon.  The tree is a tradition, symbolizing a building has reached the top floor of its construction.  Spring’s glass envelope will also soon be complete.  Once the painters have completed the exterior color coating, most of the tower’s exterior elements will be complete.

Interior work continues with installations of finishes reaching level 25.  Over 400 workers are on-site working simultaneously on all aspects of the construction of Spring.  From work on the structure to installations of glass windows and walls, flooring, tile, cabinetry, electrical and mechanical to the finalization of the pool deck and lobby design, Spring’s team is combining efforts to complete the building by Summer 2009.