El Sol Y La Luna – it's all good

El Sol Y La Luna – it's all good

El Sol y La Luna: a catalyst for change on east sixth street

El Sol y La Luna: a catalyst for change on east sixth street

Quick… think of the top three table-service restaurants, east of Congress, which are open at 7am to serve breakfast on weekend mornings?

Stumped?  Can’t even think of one?

There weren’t any, until now.

This morning I had breakfast at the new El Sol y La Luna restaurant at 6th & Red River.  THIS is what is needed on East 6th Street!  There are so many residents and visitors in this area ready to spend money on items other than alcohol.   I’ve never been to their first location on South Congress, but the vibe was a combination of Magnolia meets Las Manitas meets Habana.   The food was very good (I had an american breakfast of eggs, bacon, and waffles).  Two entrees, two drinks, plus tip was $25.  El Sol y La Luna gave me a reason to walk on the northern edge of the 600 block of East 6th street, which is a good sign for other businesses to move to the district.

I don’t want to sound overly grand, but I really think that in combination with the efforts of the DAA, DANA, and 6th Street Austin, El Sol y La Luna is the catalyst for change on East 6th.  Show your support through patronage.

El Sol y La Luna


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  1. correction you got me, not open at 7am, but then again I’m not up earlier than 11am on the weekend 😉

  2. Interesting to see if it is more profitable for them than soco. I personally prefer moonshine (there I named one and probably easily the best)

  3. I live next door to the old location on S Congress…and I loved going there for the atmosphere and food.

    I went this Sunday for breakfast and was excited the new location was open, but I was underwhelmed by the new digs. The food was good as expected, but the new place feels very sterile and I don’t know…unathentic? I don’t know if this new place is actually better to be quite honest.

    The restaraunt has lost its “funky” feel. Maybe it’s the hostess with the “Welcome to El Sol y La Luna…please follow me to your table” line and everyone in matching black and white uniforms. I’ll miss the outdoor patio at the old place. This new place is one big loud room with fewer tables it seems. One thing that was noticeable was that the almost entirely hispanic staff has been replaced by white people. That took me by suprise. But, I hope the owners are still in the dressing stage of the place before the grand opening.

    I don’t know why they didn’t do what Habana did and have TWO locations. They would have made a killing with two places in the long run, but I’m glad they’re still around. But after this blah experience, I’m not so sure I’ll be back any time soon.

  4. Didn’t realize it was open yet. I should check it out soon!

  5. Glad to see this open on E. 6th. I’ll definitely be stopping by.

  6. The Soco Location of El Sol y La Luna Closed down, the 6th street is the new and only location.

  7. avatar Amber G. says:

    CarterB –

    While 1886 is *technically* east of Congress, it’s really less than a block away…..

    Also, it’s basically part of the Driskill, right? There are other restaurants in hotels that are open at 7 a.m., but no REAL standalone places.


    I love that this is a second location to an already well-established, successful concept that’s more food based than alcohol based (although it’s great that they have a bar) – it means to me it’s more likely to succeed as a *restaurant*…..

  8. Thanks for the post! I’ll definitely check the place out.

  9. avatar CarterB says:

    Not to nit-pick, but surely 1886 cafe is open at 7 on weekends. And I know they have table service and are east of Congress.

    But yes, definitely good to see non-bars on E. 6th street. How long until E. 6th street is trendy again and W. 6th street is for undergrads?

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