City Parking Meters

City Parking Meters

City of Austin getting new parking meters

City of Austin getting new parking meters

Rob Spillar stopped by the DANA board meeting this past Tuesday to share his recommendation to replace the existing parking meters.  Quite simply, the recommended system is VASTLY superior (ppt) to the old meters.

1) potential to partner with CapMetro to purchase bus/rail tickets
2) potential for city to compete with parking garages on weekend nights
3) time purchased is transferable to other parking locations
4) free parking for motorcycles and scooters

Today, Austin City Council approved the new parking meters on consent.


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  1. John smith says

    Let me tell you…I have managed these kiosk type meters for 5 years and had a ton of trouble. Retail customers hate the fact that they have to find one and return to their car. The transactions are slow, don’t always work and multiple kiosks run out of paper for the receipt each day. We are looking at going back to single head meters that are “smart” and accept credit cards without printing out a receipt. Moving parts creat maintenance issues and Austin will soon find this out. It appears Parkeon didn’t use us a reccomendation, I wonder why?

  2. Melissa Tucker says

    Yeah it was funny, I wrote that comment yesterday, then saw that story on KEYE last night. A timely concern, I suppose. It’s good to know they’re starting to ticket these guys.

  3. Melissa Tucker says

    Hmm, sounds like no more free parking at meters in the evenings.

    Is the pricing going to be adjusted relative to demand during peak and off-peak times? That is, will they be cheap/free on weekday evenings to encourage folks to come downtown (and visit downtown businesses), and higher to generate more revenue and manage demand during peak workday and weekend evening hours?

    Also – how about security at the pay booths? I can already see folks hanging around the booths as customers get out their wallets to pay. It will be an outgrowth of the crowd that is already “parking cars” downtown on weekend nights – that is, they stand in open spaces and pretend to wave you into them, then ask for some cash to “keep your car safe” while you’re out. (This feels very threatening to this single young woman!) I just hope they will be located in well lit/visible areas.

    I second Aaron about needing a longer warranty.

    Having said all that… I think they’re a good idea and will try to learn more about them.

  4. Always seems like a bad idea to me when the warranty runs out before the systems pay for themselves. So basically they are only MORE profitable for 7 years and then probably need to be replaced again. Seems like a bad cycle.

  5. Now can we get them to stop letting restaurants hood meters for valet parking? We’ve got enough vacant parking garages for valet parking.

  6. austinandrew says

    I’ve always liked these systems. Especially b/c they accept credit cards.

  7. While in Vancouver last year with other Austinites, one of Vancouver’s council members provided us with a profound quote about urban planning:

    “Show me your parking ordinance and I’ll tell you what your city looks like”

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