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My business is Downtown Austin Real Estate.  Not West Lake, not Circle C, not Hyde Park, not Tarrytown – simply Downtown Austin!

Deals are getting done in Downtown Austin.  Sellers are loathe to publicly lower prices.  Instead, they sporadically reach out to a handful of market makers and suggest a price when they need to get a deal done.  I’ve seen developers require a non-disclosure agreement!  Who cares, you just got a great deal because you were in the know.  Recently, my firm has negotiated deals of 30% off asking price.

Are you in the know?

I am opening up my insider deal contact book to prepared buyers that are pre-approved and ready to negotiate.  This is an invitation to join my short list of buyers who receive a heads up whenever a seller contacts me motivated to make a deal.  This goes for condo sales AND apartment leases.

Being prepared to close is the key to negotiating a super deal.  You, or someone you know, can be added to my distribution list by sending me an email including:

-a pre-approval letter from your lender (if you are buying)
-your desired amount of space

Jude Galligan, Downtown Austin Realtor
judegalligan [@]

About Jude Galligan

Jude Galligan, REALTOR, Principal of TOWERS Realty and publisher of Downtown Austin Blog (aka. "DAB"), spends his time matching remarkable people with remarkable properties in Austin’s urban core. A resident owner in downtown Austin, Jude has served on the Board of the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) and the City of Austin Downtown Commission. Contact Jude.

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