Federal Courthouse Gets Stimulated



This is everywhere today, so I won’t rehash the details, but according to KXAN, $116MM of stimulus funds are going to build what we’ve been hoping would just go away – the Federal Courthouse. Eek! The design of the proposed federal courthouse is postmodern brutalism.  Previous discussion over at Austin Contrarian.


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  1. Just got word… the contract for construction is expected to be awarded on July 31st 2009. Partial notice to proceed shortly after that. Official groundbreaking ceremony is expected either the week of August 10th or August 17th Construction will begin (full notice to proceed – Sept 11, 2009).

  2. This isn’t exactly a brutalist structure. There’s too much vertical-vault glass and no doubt they’ll be using something lighter and cheaper than plain-jane unfinished concrete for the facade.

    I personally would much rather see a new federal courthouse on that site in a couple of years than a nice green vacant lot for the next 5-10.

  3. avatar austinandrew says:

    I like it!

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