Golf Carts v Pedi-cabs is reporting that pedi-cab operators are none-to-thrilled about the fancy golf carts now competing with them for downtown Austin transportation.   Capital Cruises now has two golf carts moving people around town.  Next time you decide to walk, remember that you are competing with pedi-cabs.

Thanks to DANA’s Roger Cauvin for the tip!

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  1. avatar Chris Nielsen says:

    This is the reason I have come to city hall in the first place! I could easily keep operating the way I have because there are absolutely no ordinances dealing with my particular type of vehicle whatsoever. This doesn’t mean I don’t want thee to be one however. I have insurance, pay taxes, I want to have a permit just like everyone else.

  2. That’s an interesting point. I definitely agree that everyone should be playing by the same rules.

  3. avatar pedi cab dude says:

    Hey, your “timing” is funny, however I think the main concern that the pedi cabs have is, they pay permits and taxes on their business and as of right now those carts are just rouge. Do you not think the carts should get the proper credentials? I mean, if you are against that, maybe I should open a taco stand to compete with the local food vendors, and just say screw the health permits.

  4. You really timed that last sentence perfectly.

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