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Using the Travis County Appraisal District’s website, Traviscad.org, I pulled the appraisal values for the homesteads belonging to our city’s politicians. Before I did this, I had a limited knowledge of which neighborhoods our elected officials hail from. For most people their homes are their biggest investment, and I generally believe our politicians are pretty typical.  There is some interesting information contained in these values.   For instance, former Austin Neighborhood Council president Laura Morrison’s Old West Austin property is worth $1,429,485!  I’ve heard through the grapevine that as recently as last year Marc Ott rented in downtown Austin’s AMLI on 2nd, but is currently in Circle C.  Mayor Will Wynn lives with his family in downtown Austin’s Austin City Lofts.  Randi Shade lives in a Clarksville condo.  Brewster McCracken is perhaps renting north of UT at the mixed-use development, the Triangle.  Mike Martinez lives in the Holly district of East Austin (I couldn’t find the record but I know the neighborhood).  Mayor elect Lee Leffingwell calls Highland Park West Balcones Neighborhood home.  Sheryl Cole and her family live in the neighborhood I can best describe as Cherrywood or northern French Place.

See the list after the jump!

Marc Ott, City Manager

Mayor Will Wynn

Lee Leffingwell, Place 1 Mayor elect!

Mike Martinez, Place 2
(No record found)

Randi Shade, Place 3

Laura Morrison, Place 4

Brewster McCracken, Place 5
No record found

Sheryl Cole, Place 6

Also of interest:

Chris Riley, Place 1 (incoming)

Bill Spelman, Place 5 (incoming)

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  1. A quite interesting study about the property.Thank’s for sharing information.

  2. Agreed, there is too little representation from outside the city center.

  3. avatar Kedron Touvell says:

    Mike no longer lives in the Holly neighborhood. I think he now lives in the University Hills/Windsor Heights area now, but I’m not sure of the exact location. The others you mention are correct. Chris Riley lives in the Old Austin Neighborhood and Spelman in Hyde Park. Brewster used to live in NW Austin, but moved to the Triangle after his divorce. Note the lack of council members living in South Austin and North Austin, which is a driving force behind the push for SMDs in those areas.

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