Republic Tequila Making Big Moves

Republic Tequila Texas Bottle

Republic Tequila Texas Bottle

A burgeoning tequila company, working from downtown Austin, has landed a major distributor.  Republic Tequila will be distributed through Republic National Distribution Company (the 2nd largest in the U.S. and no relation to Republic Tequila).  No word on when we will begin to see bottles on shelves, but glad to see local company do good.

There is a discussion at this forum for tequila aficionados.


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  1. where and how much can if buy these for? are there different sizes?

  2. Hi! Theresa here with Republic Tequila, thanks for posting our good news! Republic Tequila will be available in liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout Texas in July. If your favorite establishment doesn’t have it, ask for it!

    We are posting up to the minute updates on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to follow us and become a fan!

  3. Ha… I totally thought about you when I was writing this.

  4. The tequila forum?!?! How did I not know about this? I’m already a tequila snob. Now, armed with this forum, I can become an *insufferable* tequila snob. Thanks!

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