Lucky J's Chicken & Waffles Coming To Downtown

No details, beyond this quote from the website: “So we’ve recently purchases a second vehicle ( a 22 foot truck) and are currently outfitting it for service. Look for us Downtown in the Fall”

Lucky J’s slogan is “Chicken for strength, waffles for speed” and you can check out a review here.


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  1. “You heard it here first: Lucky J’s is coming to the corner of 6th and Waller! Our second location will feature a range of Waffle Tacos for your late night needs. Check out our website for the latest details.”

    East Austin :o(

  2. I seriously wish that this city staged a food truck rally (with a better name of course). We have so many trailer food vendors…some with really amazing concepts/cooks behind them that play in a niche cuisine space where it just couldn’t support the overhead of a fully staffed restaurant space. Maybe during next year’s ROT rally when there are a ton of people downtown who are less likely to be walking into Jezebel, etc…

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