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Yesterday, I headed over to the nearly completed Gables Pressler apartments on W 5th Street.  Located just a few blocks east of another new Gables development, 5th Street Commons, Pressler is being marketed as Gables most “green” project in Austin.

5th Street, west of Lamar, has evolved rapidly.  In less than a year we’ve seen the addition of dozens of new retail shops filled with local businesses along with hundreds of new residents and pedestrians improving what had been nothing more than a wide boulevard that connected Mopac to Lamar.

Ad for Presslers Garden, in the 1887 Austin City Directory

Ad for Pressler's Garden, in the 1887 Austin City Directory

Gables Pressler is named after Paul Pressler, proprietor of Pressler’s beer garden originally built where Gables stands today.  The chronicle has a great article on turn of the century beer gardens and goes on to say about Pressler:

“Pressler’s Beer Garden was located between the river and West Pecan Street (Sixth Street) in Old West Austin. Built around a steam brewery started by Paul Pressler in the early 1870s, it operated for more than 30 years before being swallowed by residential development. Situated on what was then the western fringe of the city, its idyllic rural location made it the perfect spot for relaxing under live oaks with a frothy mug of beer. It had a concert hall that regularly hosted touring German singing and theatrical acts. The grounds around the concert hall were landscaped with curving walks, ornamental shrubbery, arbors, and a fountain. The extended grounds also featured a boating ramp, a shooting club, and an alligator pond.

The location is what sells this place – it’s equidistant to West Lynn @ 12th as it is to Whole Foods or the running trails.  There are 168 units made up of studios, 1bd, and 2bd units.  The finishes are nice.  There is an interior courtyard with a pool.  The leasing agent informed me that they are offering three months free on a twelve month lease for all leases which commence by August 31st.

Pricing as of August 4th, 2009 (pdf)

Gables Pressler
507 Pressler St
Austin, Tx 78703


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  1. Joanna Fabris says

    Gables Pressler in Old West Austin is a huge disappointment. Pool side apts are plagued with loud 3AM noise from after hours parties, although it is supposed to be closed after 10pm. This same complaint appears from a tenant on another site dated 6 months ago. Seems there is poor management here. Everything is cheap, cheap, cheap. If it isn’t broken it will be. Been here less than 2 months and can’t wait to leave. Lived in downtown a different condo last year. Fewer amenities yet much higher quality of life. Save your money and don’t be fooled by the deals they offer to get you to sign. City living can be and is much, much nicer than this. Oh and did I tell you how many people living here with dogs that piss all over the place on the carpets, floors, elevators, etc. Seldom do owners clean up after the fact. The garbage pick up outside your door is outrageously disgusting. What’s the big deal with bringing your trash to the trash room located on every floor? No one follows the rules even with threats of being fined for these infractions. The parking garage is a death trap. People drive recklessly. Many UT students live here giving it a dorm-like feeling. Can’t wait to leave.

  2. UPDATE:

    Pressler is currently offering 3 months free and a $99 move-in.

  3. Hmm in 1983 a candy bar cost 15 cents and the average car was about $5k . So inflation adjusted your $100 a month apartment would probably be about $600 today. I’d bet my 1,000 s.f. 1 BR at Pressler is just a little nicer than living in a converted garage.

  4. I lived in the garage apt across the street from this in 1983. My rent was $100 a month. Oh how times have changed.

  5. I just moved into Pressler last week and so far love it. The fit and finish of the units is very good. I am enjoying discovering the west end of fifth/sixth by foot. So far I’ve found three art galleries, a couple of really cool furniture stores and some awesome restaurants. How did I live in Austin this long without Juanitia’s Tacos? Also Corazon is excellent. Oh and I stopped counting Salons after I got to 10. The hard part will be picking one for my next haircut.

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