There Are Downtown Austin Condos That Are FHA Approved


To qualify for an FHA loan in Travis County the purchase price of the residence must be under $288,750.  For FHA loans, you only need at least 3.5% down payment.  Consider downtown Austin condos like the Avenue Lofts or the the Shore Condos, two of the five downtown buildings that are FHA approved condos.

FHA approved downtown Austin condos:

FHA approval has ZERO to do with the quality or desirability of a building.  In fact, it is smart Home Owner’s Associations and developers that open up their projects to as many financing options as possible.


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Jude Galligan, REALTOR, Principal of TOWERS Realty and publisher of Downtown Austin Blog (aka. "DAB"), spends his time matching remarkable people with remarkable properties in Austin’s urban core. A resident owner in downtown Austin, Jude has served on the Board of the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) and the City of Austin Downtown Commission. Contact Jude.


  1. Hristo Hristov says

    Hello I was wondering if I had a bad credit/debit can use the FHA program and lets say that I have lived In ameria for almost 5 years I am a student now there and I have filed bancrusy so I need to buy a condo as soon as I can the problem is that they don`t let me to use the FHA program . I do not know where to go or ask and ask for what how to take a credit from a bank to buy a condo , please I need help , or advice anything
    My e-mail is if you have any ideals please write to me .
    Yours sencerely H.Hristov

  2. The homebuyer credit has been extended! This is great news for lots of buyers AND sellers.

  3. I’m pretty sure the Nokonah is FHA certified as well.

  4. Does the FHA approve loans for condos where less than 50% of the units are owner-occupied?

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