A New Mixed Use Project Near The Capitol?

A New Mixed Use Project Near The Capitol?

Source: Statesman, Coxnewsweb

Source: Statesman, Coxnewsweb

Some people call it Uptown, others simply say “by the Capitol”.  However you direct attention to the part of downtown Austin between the Original Austin Neighborhood and the Capitol complex, we can generally agree that this part of town needs some sizzle.  The Statesman is reporting on a 12 story mixed-use project called “Capitol Terrace” at 14th and Lavaca.

Some people are comparing this design to department stores built in the early 1900s.

Below is a photo of the site as it exists today.


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  1. After some initial pessimism, I’m choosing to remain cautiously optimistic. The design has some potential. Reminds me of several buildings in NYC.

    The article mentions La Vista on Lavaca. I’ve been watching that development for a long time and I believe it’s been shelved mid-construction. This photo of LVOL was taken today.

  2. I’m all for mixed use but that design is just plain boring.

  3. Not much sizzle in that box.

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