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Austinites Beautifying a Local Bus Stop

Austinites Beautifying a Local Bus Stop

Regular readers of the DAB know I primarily ride public transportation, and while I am a proponent of using our bus system to the fullest, I am also aware of some problems with our current system.  In my “Carless and Hopeful” post in June, I mention one of my dislikes about riding the bus is the actual bus-stops/shelters.  Some bus-stops do not have benches, some benches are not covered, and MOST bus-stops are a little depressing in terms of their look and feel.  That’s why when my friend, Alissa Schram, a CapMetro employee, told me about the Adopt-a-Stop program, I got a little pumped.

Here’s the low-down:

Local organizations and business (or individuals) can “adopt” bus-stops and essentially “decorate” them and keep them clean.  And it’s only a one-time fee of about $40 (to pay for installation of a sign with your organization’s name).  Note that additional decor/etc, will of course cost more.  It’s really a simple program and idea, and one that’s been successful in other communities (here is a write-up from a city in Australia that uses the program).

This program is not new (and definitely not unique to Austin), but it’s also not well-known, so I thought I’d share it with our faithful readers.  The vision I have is actually one where our Condo Associations adopt their nearby bus-stops, increasing their curb appeal and making these community service stops an extension of their buildings, giving them each a unique feel/vibe, and thereby enhancing the downtown Austin neighborhood and making it a more beautiful and interesting place to live, work, and play. With the vibrant art community that Austin has, I’m surprised that some of these city stops have not been claimed and re-tooled already.

For more information or for answers to any questions not addressed on the Adopt-a-Stop web page, you can contact Alissa Schram directly at Alissa.Schram AT capmetro DOT org.

And here are some pics of some really cool bus stops from all around the world, to maybe give you all some inspiration to get your condo association or company to join up (not that all of these would be a good idea – or even possible – for actual bus stops in Austin, they are just neat):


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  1. avatar christophersaad says:

    The last picture is a bus stop in Dubai. I had the chance to sit in one this last summer and it is fully air conditioned! (Probably because it gets over 120 degrees in Dubai)

  2. Thanks for the article, Amber!!

    If anyone wants to get involved, be sure to contact me 🙂


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