Piranha Killer Sushi…fairly killer, akshully

Piranha Killer Sushi…fairly killer, akshully


I love sushi.  However, I DON’T love spending a ridiculous amount of money on said beloved sushi.  Enter Piranha Killer Sushi (beware, this is one of those websites with the music….), a sushi restaurant on 2nd & San Jacinto (right next to Max’s Wine Dive) with a nice vibe and a reasonably priced (for sushi) menu.

Here’s what I ate (with pricing info) in order of appearance:


Shrimp Tempura Roll - $7.95


Spicy Tuna Roll - $5.50


Creme Brulee - $6.95

I also splurged and had a kettle of hot green tea and an appetizer salad.  My total for EVERYTHING was around $30, which sounds like a lot, until you remember that it’s SUSHI we’re talking about – and that I had a bunch of other stuff, too!  And the sushi is good!  Not great, but good.  My shrimp tempura roll…well, okay, the tempura part tasted a little wonky and not like at other more expensive places, and honestly, my “spicy” sauce on my spicy tuna roll wasn’t totally awesome either, but I could still tell the quality of the fish was fairly good.  And nothing was bad or tasted gross or anything like that….I’m gonna put it like this – the food is appropriate for the price point. It ain’t Uchi, folks – but then again, it ain’t Uchi (i.e., I don’t have to be an NBA player to afford a solid meal there).  I guess the real test would have been to have some sashimi or full-on sushi, which I did not do because I only really like/eat rolls generally at any other sushi place.

While the taste may not have been absolute perfection, the presentation was a step in that direction, for sure.  All of the food was presented in a fun, clean, and crisp way.  It was colorful and looked fresh and appetizing (see above photos).

And the atmosphere holds the same attributes as the food presentation.  The vibe is light, clean, and airy.  I dig the Eanes®-style chairs, the natural-like wood grain finishes and furnishings, and the overall DWR-esque-with-a warm-twist style (very clean and modern, but warm and light):





Bottom line: for the money, I think it’s a good call, and a place that deserves and at least one try for those looking for a decent, not too expensive sushi joint in downtown Austin.

The Skinny:

Location: 207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX, 78701


  • Monday – Wednesday: 11am to 10 pm
  • Thursday: 11am to 11pm
  • Friday: 11am to ext. hours
  • Saturday: 12pm to ext. hours
  • Sunday: 12pm to 10pm

Link to Menu

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