Need Something To Do This Saturday (11/14/2009) in Downtown Austin? Go to FAMe

Need Something To Do This Saturday (11/14/2009) in Downtown Austin? Go to FAMe

9426_180351792952_180349822952_3687854_1247013_nFrom their marketing:

Overview: A merger of fashion, art, and music, the FAMe ’09 festival explores these disparate cultural identities through a chosen theme.

Mission: This year, the three expressive mediums will investigate texture as a unifying framework. The setting for this event is Malverde and comprises the first half of the festival. There will be different forms of art exhibited throughout the venue, orchestral music composed specifically for this event, and fashion elements designed to complement the surroundings. This first phase of the expo will last three hours. Following this production, the festival continues at Lamberts starting at 9 pm. This more conventional atmosphere will include a lineup of musical acts that utilize an orchestral approach to song making.
Products: FASHION, ART, and MUSIC!
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