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Dahmus Has Insight Into Noise Complaints

“OMG! All these people moving downtown are complaining about live music!” crap.

According to M1EK, “the people pushing for the extra restrictions on live music outdoors are NOT the people downtown.”  Rather, it is the zealous Austin Neighborhood Council groupies.   The problem is how this plays out in the media (Jeff Ward) as it is currently en vogue to scorn downtown Austin residents.  They are exploiting a good media spin, and are using, as M1EK puts it, “downtown residents as cover – most people living downtown view music as an amenity, not a problem.”

My building is roughly 100ft from Sixth Street.  Venue noise is not a problem.  Now, if you can get the ambulances and fire trucks to go easy on the siren, that would be nice!


Statesman Blotter Headlines

David Cross robbed your bank

Did David Cross just rob your bank?

Recently, the Statesman’s Blotter headlines have provided me with a few chuckles.  I don’t intend to make light of the actual crimes – at all – just the headlines.

The above man, bearing a strong resemblance to David Cross (aka. Tobias Funke), apparently entered a bank and demanded money.  The bank gave it to him. Is it really that simple?  Then, there was the story of two men stealing socks and a chicken from Wal Mart in Cedar Park.  Look at those ready-for-myspace mug shots!  Next, was a story involving a carnival worker.  Not a funny story.


This Texas meme has been circling for a couple of days.  Cool video discussing Texas’s economic engine – 75% of the state’s population exists in the triangle formed by San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

From the Texaplex website
“The global financial crisis is a vicious cycle. The more we hear and talk about it, the worse it gets. However, in spite of all the national bad news, Texas is prospering! Texas, and in particular the Texaplex, has some pretty impressive facts that most Texans weren’t even aware of. This video is part of the Texaplex project which has set out to change that.”

From the archive: What Does Downtown Austin Need?

Last month I wrote about six items downtown Austin could significantly benefit from.  It’s a slow news morning, so I thought I would re-post the links together.  Politicians love to talk, form task forces, and spend time doing everything except for making decisions as they are needed. So, this is an appeal to Downtown Austin stakeholders that know how to get things done: the residents, developers, retailers, and land owners.

This is what we need:

1) Super Target on Congress Ave. (link)
2) Hardware store on Congress Ave. (link)
3) More bodega grocers (link)
4) Move social services away from Sixth Street (link)
5) Improved landmark protection and design standards (link)
6) Urban Rail (link)