Austin’s Top Ten Coffee Shops: Part II

[UPDATE: Checkout the updated list of Austin’s best coffee shops for 2013]

On Wednesday I kicked off my list of Austin’s Top Ten Coffee shops. These choices were not easy—every name on this list stands for a place with its own special charm, devoted clientele and unique atmosphere. Honorable mentions like Rio Rita, JP’s Java, The Green Muse, Quacks, Progress Coffee and countless others all have strong arguments in their favor and plenty of people who will vouch for them. They would probably make the Top Ten in just about any other town. But sadly this is Austin.

And it goes without saying that Austin’s Top Five Coffee shops are among the best anywhere.

Welcome to the Top Five:

5. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters
3825 Lake Austin Blvd.

Nestled on the shores of Lady Bird Lake with a spectacular view of the hill country, Mozart’s is the definition of an upscale, European, coffee house. With bottomless cups of gourmet coffee from around the world, a superb bakery, and two-story outdoor deck, Mozart’s is the unrivaled choice for pure class. Come watch the sun set over the lake and see the twinkling lights of Tom Miller Dam.

4. Flipnotics

1601 Barton Springs Rd.

Having a cup of coffee or a beer at Flipnotics can feel a bit like hanging out in a tree house. Settled atop a hillside in the Barton Hills, below a canopy of trees, Flipnotic’s shaded deck and indoor seating offer the safety and comfort of a mountain clubhouse. And like any good clubhouse, Flipnotics specializes in unusual concoctions—if you’re curious, try the “Moonquake Shake,” a delicious banana-coffee milkshake. At night, Flipnotics indoor seating turns into an intimate venue for live music.

3. Flightpath

5011 Duval Street @ 51st

Deep in the heart of Hyde Park, just a few minutes away from the University of Texas, lies one of Austin’s classic study spots. Comfortable, spacious and uncluttered, Flighpath is dedicated to the fine art of ‘getting-it-done.’ They proudly refer to themselves by the unflattering moniker of “home office away from home” and extol their lack of live music, poetry slams and comedy hours. But don’t be deceived; Flightpath is in no way stodgy. This worn-in, artsy, hangout, with a sociable backyard patio, exudes energy and creativity. And when you’re down to the wire, there’s no better place to be.

2. Epoch Coffee

221 W North Loop Blvd

Just down the road from Flightpath, lies Epoch, the heir to Mojos, a legendary coffeehouse that once lined a corner on the northern fringes of The Drag. With puffy chairs and couches, an odd assortment of tables, lamps from the happy 1960s, dark mahogany wood, and a seemingly perpetual game of chess in a far corner, Epoch instantly commands a distinct vibe. Their co-ed bathrooms are referred to as ‘heaven’ and ‘hell,’ and are decorated with the appropriate murals and customer graffiti. In ‘hell’ one finds the words of Jean-Paul Sartre scribbled on the wall with a sharpie: “hell is other people.” This can be true. On some evenings—especially Sundays and throughout the finals season— Epoch can turn into a riotous affair with scarce seating and crammed patios full of caffeinated smokers. Learn it, love it, live it.

Yes, Epoch is a love-it-or-hate-it experience, and there’s nothing quite like it.
1. Spider House

2908 Fruth St.

Like Epoch, everyone has a strong opinion about Spider House. Just off Guadalupe Street, a few blocks north of the campus, Spider house is a place that enjoys a variety of adjectives: glamorous, pretentious, eclectic, colorful—happening.

Yes, ‘happening’ is probably the most appropriate.

One person on the Yelp Message Board put it like this: “Things happen here, which I am leaving intentionally vague.” Another writes, “I’ve long heard that there were quirky, nay, interesting happenings [there].”

So what exactly is happening at Spider House? First of all, the outside patio looks a little bit like a cross between a junkyard and an eclectic, garden museum. A fountain constructed out of bronze cherub and a bathtub is only the tip of the iceberg. You can also find a handful of gargoyles inside and outside. Aside from its splendid décor, Spider House can be counted on for free movie screenings, DJs and an assortment of you-name-it cultural events.

But what really makes Spider House a ‘happening’ place is how blatantly scene it is. Or is it “seen”? Either way, this is definitely a place where people go to be looked-at and eavesdropped, to ogle and to overhear. It’s also a place for chance table-joiners and bombastic Christmas lights. Be there or be square—seriously.


And that wraps up Austin’s best coffee houses.

“But Ben!” you say, “You’ve hardly said anything about actual coffee this whole time!” That’s true. This list is not based on the individual house-blends or the overall selection at any of these places. If you’re on this list, it’s because you are unique and wonderful place to spend an afternoon. A good cup of coffee is a given. That being said I do want to let you in on the absolute best cup of coffee in the whole city:

Anderson’s Fresh Roasted Coffee

1601 West 38th Street

Not a sit-down experience like the other names on this list, Anderson’s is a boutique located in the quaint little plaza on 38th Street. Everyday Mr. Anderson himself, the protégé of Alfred Peet of Peet’s Coffee, offers a $1 cup of coffee from one of his glorious, international blends. This coffee not only tastes better than others, it actually gives you a better buzz. (This is probably not scientifically verifiable, but it’s been my experience.)

Ok, that’s it! Please, let us know what you think. Vote in our poll. And definitely speak up about all the wonderful places I’ve neglected.

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  1. Me and My buddys checked out the 2016 Mozarts Coffee Christmas Show, and it was awesome! We even posted it on the great coffee was a cherry on top of a great night.

  2. Caffe Medici and Once Over Coffee get my vote. You can crank up your laptop or other device and get a good cup of coffee. If you just want a place to meet friends, then your list is fine.

  3. Spider House shouldn’t really even be on the list anymore; it’s not exactly much of a coffee shop. It’s a weird hybrid of a wanna-be bar/restaurant/coffee shop. It’s not somewhere where I’d go to work on the computer and drink coffee for a few hours.

    Plus the service there is horrible.

  4. Please oh please update this. Not even close.

    Third wave (i.e. professional Baristas) : Cafe Medici (3), Houndstooth (2), Once Over, Vintage Heart, Salt & Time, Frank, Thunderbird, (Patika, JP’s, Jo’s & maybe Kickbutt but my first and only visit last year was disappointing)…

    Nice cafe vibe (but average to awful coffee): Flightpath, Genuine Joe’s, Epoch, Strange Brew, Fair Bean, Cafe Pacha, Stinson’s, Halcyon, Progress, Lola Savannah, 360 Uno, Flipnotics, Bookpeople

    Starbuck’s copies : Mozart’s, Dominican Joe’s, Monkey Nest

  5. Um, Kick Butt is good. Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze that is.

  6. CoffeeJack says:

    My vote goes to Cafe Medici on Congress. It has got the best coffee in town, no kidding.

  7. I guess I just like the oldschool franchise-style by choosing Starbucks. But the above mentioned are absolutely what makes Austin …well Austin.

  8. Thanks for the list!!! I can’t wait to check all of these spots out! I love spiderhouse too.

  9. In terms of actual best COFFEE, I would go with Caffe Medici and Thunderbird. Hands down. And, for coffee roaster, Texas Coffee Traders is far superior to Anderson (I’ve heard Owl Tree is as well, but haven’t tried them). Maybe you were going for the overall coffee shop experience though…

  10. Spider House is cool, granted. But, ever since I graduated from UT, I don’t spend much time over there. It’s very college centric, no? I don’t work from coffee shops as much as I used to, but Mozart’s would likely be my destination.

  11. I’ll still vote for Pacha. Great back deck, breakfast tacos, and the best coffee in town. Even under the less friendly new management.

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