Downtown Austin Link Roundup

1) Bridge over troubled water

OK, not really troubled water, but I couldn’t resist a title so apropos for a city that likes to bitch and moan about growth, yet doesn’t make the hard decisions necessary to steer growth and prefers to react to it, (breath) imagine the hostility we’re going to see for this bridge.  One look at the notoriously poorly moderated comment sections of the Statesman’s online posts (seriously, take a look to feel less good about humanity) is all you need to run far, far away from the headaches of local public policy making and sound urban planning.

2) Rainey Street getting smart about traffic

Last week’s commentary by a Milago resident about the perils of walking in the Rainey Street district has spurred the City into action.  “Those people” move into the district and now they want to change it with crazy things like sidewalks.  Less than 48 hours after this video editorial aired, there were pneumatic traffic counters straddling the district’s streets recording passing cars, and adolescent kids (primarily DAB readers/writers) jumping on them.

3) Oh, hi!  Ummm… We’ll be needing your land.  KTHXBAI

City approves the use of eminent domain, should it be necessary, to get control over an important piece of land for the Waller Creek Tunnel Project.  For decades this assemblage of lots that front I-35 has been a surface level parking lot.  For the next 4-5 years it will be a staging area for creek diggin’.

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  1. I live in Portland, and everyone here complains about transit all the time too, and how stupid it is, and sucks up tax money, and creates more congestion, and blah blah blah, but come 5:00 any night of the week, those trains are packed to capacity. If the trains actually serve neighborhoods, and actually go where people want to go, people will use them.

  2. Ah “Save Town Lake”. Their organization name says it all. Personally I’d prefer to enhance Lady Bird Lake for the enjoyment of all.

    This is especially disappointing because Riverside drive has probably the highest population density and number of transit riders in Austin. I can tell you from riding the bus that if they follow that route, the trains will be full.

  3. I like how there’s a hint of a line up the Drag in the zoomed in shot, but not in the zoomed out one. Once again M1EK is teased with the 2000 LRT plan.

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