Views From Austin’s Only 55th Floor: The Austonian

Views From Austin’s Only 55th Floor: The Austonian

Jude @ the Austonian (55th floor, southeast corner)

After several weeks of the weather foiling our plans, myself and KevinFromTexas at SkyscraperPage, were escorted to the 55th floor of the Austonian where we could take photos of the building’s city views (they kindly asked us to not take photos of the interiors until they were complete).  As has been common this season, a storm started rolling in as we were setting up, and the wind was a little too intense for this photographer’s novice hand to get the tripod to support itself.  I think we came through with some interesting perspectives.  If you’re interested in more photos of the Austonian, make sure to checkout SkyscraperPage’s Austonian Thread and Flickr.  Thanks to Cile, Sarah, and Trey at the Austonian for facilitating the tour!

You can see the 55th floor terraces here – this amazing photo is taken from the crane positioned high above the top of the building!


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  1. Thanks to Jude again for setting up the tour, as well as Cile, Sarah and Trey at The Austonian. Beautiful building and views.

    And no, I didn’t notice any sway at all. Believe us when we say it was windy. It was very windy out on the main roof. But the building didn’t wiggle at all. I know that feeling well though, as I’ve felt it in other buildings and even on bridges. I was impressed with the building. The elevators are quite fast!

  2. Hey Jude, you do get around . . . and up . . . and the hat is a nice touch. I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon once I get the doors open (maybe late April or so) on the space I just leased at 8th & Congress for my art gallery & artist services business. Meanwhile I am a serious fan of your Downtown Austin blog as a way to get some behind-the-scene insights in the neighborhood I’m joining. Your posts and your photos are the best!

  3. Any building sway in the wind?

    You wouldn’t be able to get up there, even on a calm day. My sphincter would be so tight I wouldn’t be able to walk.

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