ANC Gives Greenlight To Developers?

California builder OMG proposes parking/condo tower on West Lynn

In a rare move, it seems the Austin Neighborhood Council has blessed a new residential tower at West Lynn and 12th.  Sources indicate that the “Anawo” tower will replace Nau’s Enfield Drug store, and will be the first of it’s kind for Clarksville.  A spokesperson for the California based builder, OMG, says: “The neighbors are our partners.”

The proposed tower is part of a category of buildings often called “parking farms” because of the extreme parking density.  A site plan submitted to city staff indicates the 12 story tower will consist of 10 levels of parking garage capped with 2 levels of office condos.  “The entire structure is designed with mobility in mind – a parking ratio of one space for every one-hundred feet of office space is a testament to our commitment to include the feedback we received from stakeholders.  You’re going to be able to park your Prius next to your neighbor’s Prius next to their neighbor’s Prius, and so on.”

Anawo tower will require a variance to achieve the desired height of 120 feet, however ANC’s support is expected to find sympathetic ears on the City of Austin Planning Commission which will hear from OMG next Tuesday.

Demolition work on Nau’s could be complete by July.

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  1. avatar Austin Healy says:

    For a second there I believed this & almost fell out of my chair. Phew….

  2. avatar Hamstar says:

    I think the “oh my god” california developer somewhat gave away the piece(assuming this is a real april fool’s piece)

  3. Guess it’s April Fools! We own Nau’s and we are NOT GOING condo! Nau’s has been at 1115 West Lynn since 1951 and will never leave that location! Our family does have a nice commercially lot zoned MF4 on 30k sq foot lot with views of dt – on West Lynn for sale!

  4. Jude, you are a total city planning/zoning geek. Love it 🙂

  5. Up Next on DAB: “Community Meeting Goes Smoothly, Everyone Sounds Logical and Reasonable.”

  6. BTW, love the Prius quote 🙂

  7. Wow, that’s some major density ANC is supporting – parking density.

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