Oh, Fondren

Remember La Vista On Lavaca?

Remember it was rebranded as the Fondren?

Remember when construction stopped?

Remember when it was posted for foreclosure?

Now, YOU can buy a mini-Intel-like-shell for $10.325MMGoogle Street View Map

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  1. avatar Andrei Matei says:

    Thanks for your continued great information on this blog, Jude!

    I think La Vista on Lavaca’s demise was due, in great part, to a misguided project concept (in my opinion).

    Folks who seek an urban lifestyle with a downtown condo may often do so not only for the great, central location, but also for the unique architecture and design which a mid/high-rise can provide. The hill-country/ranch-style inspiration with the tag line of “Welcome home, Cowboy” always confused me – I know we are in Texas, but did the market research really show a sufficient amount of people interested in downtown Austin real-estate finding this concept appealing?

  2. There should be some sort of rule in place to prevent construction from starting unless the developer has funds to finish the building. The proliferation of ugly and/or unfinished projects in this city is disturbing.

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