You are the Sushi Chef (Sort Of) at How Do You Roll Maki Sushi Bar in Downtown Austin – **MENU

You are the Sushi Chef (Sort Of) at How Do You Roll Maki Sushi Bar in Downtown Austin – **MENU

**No Substitutions**

This is a pretty commonplace statement on most sushi menus.  It’s a phrase that is representative of a little bit of rigidity, and, in my opinion, perhaps a statement even laced with a little vanity from the Itamae.

Well, How Do You Roll Make Sushi Bar on 2nd and San Jacinto in Downtown Austin made **me** feel like the the sushi chef. My sense, from their concept and their overall vibe was that they are focused on taking the pretension out of the sushi without sacrificing the taste.  Sushi – the Austin way.

How Do You Roll Storefront

So, my first visit was a little “Grand Opening” shindig they threw on Monday (Memorial Day).  I walked in, and was promptly greeted by:

You had me at sake bomb, How Do You Roll....

sake bombs!  Yay!  My experience was off to a great start.  While I was, ahem, **sipping** on my sake bomb(s), I got a little insight into the way things work at How Do You Roll.

The ordering system is set up semi-cafeteria style, where patrons stand in line in front of a “deli-style” selection of sushi goodies:

Sushi Deli

You then customize your maki roll, letting the preparer know what veggies (they also had some fruits – super cool!) and meats (for those who don’t do raw fish – they also have a selection of cooked chicken/beef meats that you can put in your roll) and sauces/spices YOU want in your roll. Completely customizable.

Then, right before your eyes, your special roll is prepared and cut and presented to you:

Made Right Before Your Eyes! Magical!

And THEN, in a matter of mere minutes, you are ready to eat fresh, delicious sushi. Yum!

I had a roll with fresh salmon, sprouts, cucumber, avocado, and spicy mayo. And it was good.

I liked it, folks.  I especially liked the price-point.  My 10 peice maki would have only been $6.45 plus tax.  Not too shabby.

And the vibe of the joint is fun.  They aren’t QUITE done with the decor, but it’s shaping up nicely.  Some pics:

Maki Inspired Lighting 🙂

Lots of Windows and Natural Light

Bright Colors Enhance the Overall Light/Fun Vibe

Yuen Yung (the CEO of the franchise location) and Myself

I would definitely recommend this place for lunch.  Good price point, quick & easy, and delicious sushi.  Also good for casual dates! Go support a local business that is trying to do something a little fun and a little different!

The Menu (double click once to get to the image screen, double click image again in that screen to make larger):

Downtown Austin Location: 454 W Second Street (San Antonio is cross street)

Just a word of advice, though.  Don’t mistake the wasabi for guacamole:

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  1. Hey thanks for the review! I actually walked past this place last Saturday on my way to Austin Java. Will have to check it out now as I am a big sushi fan.

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