Downtown Austin Night Club For Sale On Craigslist

C’mon, admit it… you’ve always wanted your own bar.   Tired of Bob Woody and that bachelor guy having all the fun?  With $300,000 originally invested, Downtown Austin’s Club Deja Vu can be purchased for $80,000 + lease payments, of course.

About Jude Galligan

Jude Galligan, REALTOR, Principal of TOWERS Realty and publisher of Downtown Austin Blog (aka. "DAB"), spends his time matching remarkable people with remarkable properties in Austin’s urban core. A resident owner in downtown Austin, Jude has served on the Board of the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) and the City of Austin Downtown Commission. Contact Jude.


  1. It seems like a better neighborhood for a restaurant than a nightclub. That being said its not a horrible deal except for the lease. Its for $2.71 sq ft per month. (before going up in 2012!)

    If you could renegotiate the lease this could be a decent deal.

  2. avatar Amber Gugino says:

    Wow. It actually doesn’t look too bad in there. And it looks like, from the ad, you get the furnishings, as well?

    Speaking of “the bachelor guy” – he just opened up a new place – The Dogwood at 715 W. 6th. It’s getting good press and good reviews….a step up from Fizzy Rodents and Laughing Donkeys and Riproarin’ Llamas or whatever the names of those other bars are.

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