Lamar Blvd Sidewalks Of Doom Get Upgraded

Ever notice the broken four feet of pathway allocated to pedestrians daring to use Lamar Blvd to cross 3rd Street? This walking route will soon become less tenuous as new sidewalks are being installed.

Barricades to protect pedestrians would be nice. Also, I want the knitted artwork back.

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  1. LOL – I should clarify. My comment is the one that’s late to the party, not your post. Too much Tito’s, I guess.

  2. A little late to the party, but great breaking news nonetheless. I always thought you were safer on the median there than the sidewalk.

    I’ve added a link at:

  3. This is great news. Now if they can only bring the knitwear back to those ridiculous signs permanently.

  4. Woo hoo! New sidewalks!!

    @tim I heard a rumor that they were building a tunnel under the tracks that connects the Gables to 3rd Street.

    • the rumor is [partially] true… a pedestrian underpass connecting Gables Park Plaza driveway with Bowie Street by tunneling under the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

      the “partial” part of the rumor is that UP has not been easy to deal with, so I’ve been told. I’m optimistic it will happen, and if so it would get tremendous use. Especially with the Pfluger bridge extension approaching completion.

  5. Wow those are nice(-ish). How are the ones on the top of the wall doing? Still have to hop train tracks and go through a weedy patch?

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