Bar 96 + Adjacent Trailer “East Side King” (from the chefs of Uchi) OPEN

Bar 96 + Adjacent Trailer “East Side King” (from the chefs of Uchi) OPEN

Bar 96 on Rainey street opened this weekend.  It’s a sports bar concept – but the food is not your traditional sports fan fare.  A trailer called East Side King has opened in conjunction with the bar.  Here’s a look at their menu (click once for image page, click again to enlarge):

East Side King Menu

Jude and I enjoyed a small, but yummy sampling when we were there over the weekend.  It’s my understanding that the trailer will be fully open and serving from the menu next week.

I’m really starting to enjoy the trend of international-themed food trailers / restaurants in the district.  With G’Raj Mahal, Cazamance, El Naranjo, and of course, the International House of Pancakes (wakka wakka), all within walking-distance from the several area condos and single-family homes, a resident of these parts is not likely to get bored with their food choices any time soon.

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  1. I talked to them today, Tim. They’re still operating out of Liberty Bar. They’re just expanding to a new trailer. The food is also different, from what I understand.

    The girlfriend and I tried out the beef tongue (Gyutan). A simple and well-grilled dish with a side of white rice and pickled vegetables.

    The food was good, but a bit small, in terms of portions. Could be the quality of the meat that the cost is going into.

    The ultimate question for me concerning restaurants is whether they’re worth another visit. In this case, the theory of a Japanese grill is intriguing enough for me to support it again.

  2. Does this mean that I should no longer go to the liberty to get awesome food? Or is this an additional trailer?

  3. East Side King has been at Liberty Bar on e. 6th for atleast a year. It was also featured by Anthony Bourdain when he was in town.

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