Vince Young Steakhouse

vince young steakhouse

With just a splash page to confirm, construction is occurring at 3rd & San Jacinto.  Located at the former site of Rio Grande restaurant, the eponymous Vince Young’s Steakhouse will be an interesting addition to downtown Austin’s Convention Center District Railyard District. 🙂

Planned opening date is Saturday, November 6th.

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  1. Interesting blog, thanks for sharing

  2. John Lassiter says

    VY threw an interception on this place, get out while you can!
    I too had been given an invitation to come enjoy an evening at VY steakhouse and it was free,
    I would have rather paid for my meal any other steakhouse.
    The food and atmoshere is atrocious, you will never compete with Flemming’s or Eddie V’s.
    Don’t get me started, it was BAD!

  3. Seth Joiner says

    Had the misfortune of eating there last night. It was horrendous, steaks were cold, side dishes had no flavor, desserts look like frozen swansen’s out of a box. I have NOTHING good to say about this place it will never make it. HORRIBLE!!! Just plain horrendous!!!!

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