Lavaca St Bar Gives Away Free Tubs Of Bacon On Thursdays

Lavaca St Bar Gives Away Free Tubs Of Bacon On Thursdays

The title says it all.  You know where to find me on Thursdays.

Free Bacon @ Lavaca Street Bar On Thursdays

Lavaca Street Bar

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  1. I took advantage of the free bacon gig. Go’s great with beer LOL. Unfortunately its over but they do currently have 1/2 price wings every Sunday and Big Mug Monday. I had never taken the time to go to Lavaca Grill until I saw the bacon promotion right here. Now I visit quite a bit. So your blog post about their biz has probably helped them out quite a bit. I have turned on a few of my friends that are stuck in North Austin like I am to it. We don’t go downtown as much as we used to, but lately we have quite a bit.

  2. I will stop in and try it out depending on how crowded it is, and at the same time try something else on the menu to help “Keep Austin Weird” and spend my money locally. I usually go down to Opal Divines Freehouse on west 6th for their thursday specials, and a little happy hour cheer. It is time to try something new.

    Your blog is absolutely amazing and very informative. I still cannot believe I found it for the very first time just a few weeks ago. Even though I rarely comment, I find myself coming here quite a bit to see whats new. The best part is I know the information is accurate and I dont have to second guess whether it is or not. My hat’s off to you for a job very well done.

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