Lost Parrot – Reward, No Questions Asked

Lost Parrot – Reward, No Questions Asked

Pets are family members.  A family at 360 condos has lost their African Grey Parrot, Mino, which recently flew out of their 14th story window.  According to owner, William Zhang, “Greys mostly tend to stay within a 1 mile radius of the area, so it’s likely he’s still in the downtown area. When they eventually get hungry enough, they will come down to people for food.”

We’re not used to seeing parrots in downtown Austin.  So, if you do see one, please give these people a call.

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  1. We haven’t found Mino yet, but I did receive a call from a guy who saw a homeless man on New Year’s Eve who had a grey parrot which he said was even called “Mino”! He saw him on the corner of 6th and Lavaca this past Friday. If anyone has seen this guy please call the number on the flyer!

  2. Laura "Ole" Olesen says

    I hope that means they found him! The owner must really want him back. He reached out to the Zilker list serve, which I found very resourceful!

  3. There is a posting for a found Grey on Craigslist today in the lost+found section.

  4. I was jogging at Austin High yesterday, Sunday, and heard a parrot. We have Mexican parrots in this part of town so I didn’t think twice about it but I suppose there is a chance it could have been your parrot. Perhaps it would be worth it to spend a bit of time there and see if it might be yours. Good luck!

  5. Check out this article on recovering a lost bird http://goodbirdinc.blogspot.com/2008/08/when-flighted-parrot-escapes.html

  6. I see parrots in downtown Austin frequently. There is a colony of green parrots living in the cell tower near the train station. Looked yesterday and didn’t see a gray among them.

  7. I hope they find their parrot!

    A very good friend of mine has a gray and they are wonderful. I really can’t imagine what she would go through if she lost her parrot. It really is a part of the family.

    Anyway, I hope Mino finds his way home safely.

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