Completed Deconstruction Of Green Water Treatment Plant (PICS)

Completed Deconstruction Of Green Water Treatment Plant (PICS)

We just got a note and some pics from Cindy Jordan with COA Public Works Dept.  This looks like it could be a park! Great progress for downtown Austin, especially the 2nd Street District. “The work has reached Substantial Completion!!! If you drive by the site on Cesar Chavez you can actually see that the site is clear and that the area has been seeded. We hope to have grass growing soon to stabilize the dirt. The site will remain as it is until the redevelopment team takes possession and starts their construction.”

Pics after the jump!

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  1. avatar Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    With that banked perimeter it looks like a velodrome, which would have been a great temporary use since it’s at the south end of the bicycle boulevard being constructed by the city. They could still grow grass in the middle, but since it’s also at the end of Willie Nelson Boulevard it might be a different type of grass than what there now.

  2. Amazing! So Nueces Street and 2nd Street are both going to bisect that plot, right? I can almost already imagine what it will look like. Hooray for new places!

  3. Nice! Been meaning to take pics there…love seeing the progress of these projects. Thanks for doing a great job at this. Your blog is one of my favorites!

  4. Why is there an iragation system and street lights in the middle of the site?

    • The irrigation system is there because they want the grass they planted to grow to control erosion, and prevent dirt from blowing.

  5. Nice!

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