Tribute To Tejano Culture Coming To Capitol Lawn

Tribute To Tejano Culture Coming To Capitol Lawn

The gently sloping hill of the historic south lawn of the Texas Capitol grounds will soon host a monument that recognizes the legacy and contribution of Tejanos to Texas Culture. This monument will cover slightly more than 500 sq. ft. and will be the largest monument on any state capitol grounds in all 50 states.

There was a ban on new monuments on the south lawn, but an organized and persistent group of legislators helped push legislation which would mandate that the Tejano Monument be constructed on the South Lawn of the Capitol Grounds and get the approval of the State Preservation Board, a state agency that governs all construction around the Capitol.  According to Renato Ramirez, an advocate for the project, the monument will be located approximately 100 feet north of 11th and 200 feet east of Congress.

Armando Hinojosa from Laredo is the sculptor, and we’ve got a preview of each piece of the monument.  Also, below you can see approximately where the monument will be installed. More information about the effort can be found at

the monument will be located approximately 100 feet north of 11th and 200 feet east of Congress Ave

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