NEW Rendering – Violet Crown Cinema

NEW Rendering – Violet Crown Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema, set to open in the 2nd Street District of Downtown Austin 4/29/2011.  New information:  Prices for tickets: Matinee tickets – $9; all other shows M-TH – $11, and $13 Fri. – Sun. The opening lineup will be announced March 22.

See our previous post for more information on the theatre, and check out FODA’s website for more information on their firm!

Update: Pretty new splash page up:

Beautiful rendering of what's to come done by architect Douglas Payne!

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Amber Gugino loves living downtown and has been an active board member of the The Shore Condo Owners Association, Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association and member of the Junior League of Austin. She adores her dog, Blog, and she learns something new about downtown Austin every day.


  1. The best is they will be showing indies, art films and foreign films that are not at the Alamo. The Arbor is just too far from South Austin and particularly for us transplanted New Yorkers who are used to the MTA getting us to the theater. Welcome VCC!

  2. Austin Healy says

    I agree Jude. I think 2nd street & VCC will be a perfect fit. They’re creating something very special to the film world, and for downtown Austin. With ACL, The Music Hall, and Ballet Austin it creates this little entertainment bubble for this part of dt.

  3. Lance Hunter says

    Okay, this theater had better bring something absolutely exceptional to the table if they think they’re going to last more than 6 months charging more than the Alamo. Unfortunately, this whole project seems like another case of Dallasites bringing their “look, this is so new & shiny, it must be sophisticated!” aesthetic to Austin where it will crash and burn.

    • Well…. 2nd Street is new and shiny.

      I agree that they need to bring an experience/product/service that is exceptional, however 2nd Street (especially now that the W is built) is a solid fit for this type of destination/entertainment.

    • amber gugino says

      Well, in terms of the total cost – you should take into account that you are getting free (validated), covered parking that’s right at the theatre. So, at least for those who will be driving in, when that’s taken that into account, the overall price for the experience becomes much more comparable on any most nights when you are comparing to the Alamo Ritz.

      Just a thought.

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