Another Rainey Street Bar Pops Up – AGORA

Another Rainey Street Bar Pops Up – AGORA

1/2/2013: We just heard a rumor from a reliable source that Agora is closed for good and owners are planning to sell.  We’ll continue to update as we have new information.

A new bar/lounge (guess) called “Agora” is readying their new space at 84 East Avenue in Downtown Austin’s Rainey Street neighborhood.  This is just few steps down from East Avenue Lounge (aka Rainey Manor). Picture of Agora and updated Rainey Street Map after the jump.

I also noticed some groundwork being done at the southwest corner of East Ave and Driskill Street.  Keep a lookout for a trailer or something to pop up there.



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  1. SpeakYourMind says

    Restaurants should know better and provide training to their employees before opening and charging customers for food/drinks if they don’t know how to operate or cook. This place has been open now for 3 weeks and judging from all the Yelp reviews ( ) it’s not getting any better. Serving uncooked chicken? Yikes!!!

  2. Some friends and I went to Agora on Sept 21th and it worse terrible. We started off upstairs which is pretty nice but we could not order food and the service was terrible. We headed downstairs to eat and there were 10 of us. We all ordered at the same time, but our food came out at random times within an 1hrs time, now it would have been ok but the orders were wrong!! The food is OK, but not worth the trouble. So, if you are just going to have drinks the roof top area is pretty nice to hang out at. I would suggest getting food at another place!!!

    • STOPhammertime says

      Rational people realize that restaurants open, then work out the systems/expo line, and service improves. It’s fine to complain about service, but c’mon! I don’t think its fair to publicly bash a restaurant so harshly so quickly after they’ve opened.

  3. Angelo, I reached out to my group to determine when we can have one of our public speakers can come to your establishment for an event. I am thinking early November. In the meantime maybe you can kick-start the public speaking event series and talk about Greek mythology? How about discussing the goat sacrificing ritual to Zeus that you mentioned on another blog. Here is your posting I am referring to: Agora’s epic facade of Greek columns leads into… a temple where goats are sacrificed to Zeus, and Zeus sleeps with chicks and then turns them into goats so their dads don’t find out! ( I think it sounds very intriguing!

  4. Angelo thank you for the introduction and welcome to our neighborhood! Are you planning to schedule events that intellectual public speakers can come and speak?

    • I will like to do that.
      If you are a part of a group that invites public speakers on any subject including religion and politics please feel free to contact us at 512-212-1929
      Ask for Kelly the events coordinator and wee will be more than glad to accommodate you.

  5. Hello my name is Angelo I am the owner of Agora intellectual Inc. I like to welcome all of you to a new venue in town that I hope it will become a new landmark for Austin. In case you wonder how the intellectual goes with Agora! I like to remind you that Another meaning for Agora is public speaking.
    At Agora we welcome intellectual public speakers. The establishment will be operating as a sports bar, with aGreek restaurant, visit our top deck, beer and wine along with fresh brewed coffee will be served.
    For the romantics, the top deck feels like you are in the Mediterranean.

  6. Agora is now OPEN!. They have freshly ground coffee drinks as well as standard bar drinks. The downstairs is scheduled to open in two weeks. They will serve authentic Greek food and have 14 TV’s for your viewing pleasure, sports games and fights. There will be no strippers. Happy hour is from 6pm-9pm. $3 specialty shots, beers, wine, and drinks. There is a very large, beautiful outdoor patio upstairs. Right by Rainey Street and visible from 35. Great place for after work. When it opens, downstairs will be open from 11am-2an

  7. Is this the same serbian friend of greek owner, that has/had game rooms in austin?

  8. I know the owner’s son – not the owner himself. They were supposed to open in January, but apparently they’re really going all out on the construction. They are now hiring from what I understand. Oh and they’re Serbian, for the record…

  9. so who is the owner of AGORA? and when does it open?

  10. I heard the owner is greek and owns a strip club on the north side of town. hope he won’t try and bring the same ambiance of a strip club to this place

    • Information for the poorly educated.
      The frontage of the building is a copy of a TEMPLE located in the in the AGORA of Athens. The original structure was erected approximately
      430 BC.

    • The place in North Austin was sold a few years ago and is now a club owned by stockholders. So, no Greeks own any clubs in North Austin, and maybe the next time you decide to jump and comment on something, you should try getting a little background on your information first.

  11. Has any one check the REAL agora lately?
    I suggest that some one takes some pictures of that establishment.
    Their pizza trailer looks good.

  12. Partaola says

    In the antiquity each important town had it’s own AGORA.
    It came time that Austin will be having it’s own AGORA soon.
    The conclusion is that Austin is an important world city.

  13. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    If I’m afraid to go there do I have Agoraphobia?

  14. It is a pizza trailer. Supposed to open on 4/1

  15. Petros vamvakas says

    This is absolutely not connected with the AGORA in Houston. I am the part owner of the establishment here in houston tx and it has nothing to do with us.

    • Petros, thanks for clarifying.

    • I live in the Rainey district and I am very disappointed to learn that this Agora is not related to the Houston Agora. There are no good coffee shops within miles of my house. I had high hopes, but no, this Agora will be just another bar– appearing to have none of the character of Luster or Clive. I give it a year.

  16. Audrey Stephenson says

    Is this in any way connected to the AGORA in Houston? If so, I think I might piss myself. It’s my favorite place in the entire city.

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