Vote For Austin Bike Share

Vote For Austin Bike Share

We’ve got some momentum on this: improving last-mile and recreational transit by installing bike share hubs throughout Austin’s urban core.   DAB readers know this is something I’ve been passionate about for years.  The idea has the attention of multiple Austin City Council members.  Take five seconds and **VOTE NOW**!

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  1. BikeValet with its Automated Bicycle Parking System (ABPS) is meeting with the City of Austin to discuss establishing Corp HQ and manufacturing for the ABPS in Austin.

    The ABPS was designed for the combined use in BikeShare Programs and public bike parking. The secure, off street parking capabilities allow the ABPS to park a child’s bike, an adult’s, a tandem, cargo and even a three wheel adaptive bike (ADA Compliant), which means those same types can be offered as a BikeShare instead of the one size fits all, currently offered by the competition. It operates 100% off the grid on Renewable Energy.

    During the trip to Austin (7/25-29) we would like to meet with the community members that are encouraging the City of Austin to include BikeShare as a component in the transportation network. Please contact us online to establish a meeting.

    Thank you,

  2. This is such a great idea! I remember this being really popular in Spain when I visited. Austin is such a bike-friendly city, so I really wonder why we haven’t already installed the bike share hubs here.

  3. I’ve been waiting for this day to come Austin needs a bike share program. Not to long ago San Antonio adopted one, now the scaddered around downtown.

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