AF1 Racing – Downtown Austin’s Neighborhood Superbike and Scooter Store

AF1 Racing – Downtown Austin’s Neighborhood Superbike and Scooter Store

AF1 Racing is opening a Downtown Austin store.  This is their second location, and they are taking the old OK Paper space near Cesar Chavez and Trinity.  I spotted the window graphics going up yesterday, accross the street from Downtown Austin’s Four Seasons Residences.

A quick check of their Facebook page confirmed the news.

Ironically, one month ago I sold my amazing Aprilia Scarabeo 50cc.  Back in 2008, I searched the entire country using Craigslist for a specific two-stroke version with low miles.  (The two strokes had more torque and could zip around much better.)  I found one in Atlanta and shipped it back home.  It quickly became one of my preferred modes of transportation in downtown Austin.

And, I never worried about parking.

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  1. Well the soaring temperatures do make the bike rides a bit painful, but i would still give it to the bikes than scooter. Well actually both have their own charm, but if you are an adrenaline junkie then bike is the way to go.

  2. There’s nothing better than being in downtown Austin on two wheels…as long as it’s not 110 degrees out.

  3. Scooter travel is definitely the way to go in Austin! Bikes aren’t too bad either.

  4. Angelina says

    Choose a 4 stroke or a battery powered scooter, not the 2 stroke. They pollute more than your average SUV.

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