Urban Outfitters Shacking Up At The W Austin Hotel

Urban Outfitters Shacking Up At The W Austin Hotel

The 2nd Street shopping district is likely to get a jolt from patrons still paying off college loans with a new Urban Outfitters clothing store.

As evident by the colorful graffiti, the faux-thrift store (call it ironic?) retailer has plans to move into the ground floor of The W Austin Hotel, which opened in December 2010.

I shop exclusively at Kohl’s, but allegedly Urban Outfitters’ new spot is a big deal because their only other Austin location is not so far away on Guadalupe Street, up near the University of Texas main campus. Perhaps they are targeting the PBS Austin City Limits crowd from shows taped there?

Jokes aside, this is a vindication that downtown Austin is becoming a destination and not in the way of “urban pioneers” loading up on Gatorade and PB&J to venture out of suburbia, like they do in Ohio.

For a number of reasons, Urban Outfitters joins the ranks of business interests investing in downtown Austin.

Cole Broadhead, a principal at Retail Solutions, said the folks at Urban Outfitters “do their homework.”

“Those deals take a long time,” he said. “They do a ton of research.”


  1. I second the H&M desire. I really miss my NYC H&M’s. I feel H&M provides affordable and interesting clothing. UA is ridiculous. Middle-class folks who work/live around downtown will shop downtow, if they build stores there. Gap and Target, I’m looking at you, for better or worse.


    Jude, I’ve always appreciated the fact that your site has NOT had a editorial snarky quality. It has always had respectful information. This “blurb” on U.O. has some odd form of bitter written all over it. Please don’t let your writers change the tenor of your blog.

  3. Austin Healy says

    I probably wouldn’t be too excited for a Kohls dt<—-said with love

    U.O. on the other hand is SO needed for 2ND street. I just wish there was an H&M downtown. That would rock!

  4. Amber Gugino says

    lol @ “I shop exclusively at Kohl’s”

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