Pay By Donation Yoga in Rainey Street

Pay By Donation Yoga in Rainey Street

Be Yoga just opened in the Rainey Street District!

Located in the Windsor (née Legacy on the Lake), Be Yoga is a no-frills studio, about 1,000 square feet, just a stone’s throw from the lake and across from the Milago condos.

Perhaps more intriguing than it’s location is the fact that it’s a donation based studio. Now, it’s not an entirely new concept – in fact, Black Swan Yoga is a studio that immediately comes to mine that does the same thing – but donation based yoga is still pretty cool.  I wonder how successful the concept has been for other studios.

I went to a class on Saturday – and it was nice – I’ll definitely go back.  The owner, Cici Parsons, really wants people to experience the studio.  For those that can afford it – the suggested donation is $20, but for those that can’t – they just ask that you give what you can.

More on the studio later, but I was curious if any readers had been to a donation based studio, and what their experience was – and if they think it will work in Rainey Street (I hope so!).  I guess if things get really bad – they can always call up this guy to help:

Be Yoga
43 Rainey Street, #104
Austin, TX 78701
512 469 0224

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  1. Come join me for a Pilates Mat class at be Yoga THIS Friday at 8am. We will be doing reformer simulated work and classic mat. Great way to kick off the holiday weekend, hard core.

  2. website for Be Yoga link is broken. it’s
    Come join us!

  3. Austin Healy says

    Black Swan’s system rocks! I go there after work most of the time (I work next door at tapelenders)…parking is cray cray though. It’ll be good to have another donation based studio downtown…so glad this place opened.

  4. Lance Hunter says

    Been to Black Swan a couple of times. They seem to do pretty well over there. Enjoyed the classes, the instructors were good (as good or better than any of the pay studios I’ve attended), and it seemed that a majority of the students donated their money once it was over. I wonder how the donations count for tax purposes.

  5. I think it will depend on the studios overhead costs. I used to be a regular at black swan but now it’s way too crowded. Whether or not all attendees are donating I’m not sure. I hope this new place works. I like yoga but not enough to add another membership to my budget so donation is perfect for me. Thanks for sharing this new place!

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