Another Boutique Hotel Planned For Congress Ave?

Another Boutique Hotel Planned For Congress Ave?

It appears developers are pursuing a boutique hotel at the 800 block of Congress Avenue, in addition to one planned at the 400 block. We thought that once before, but this time different people are involved and it looks more certain.

The hotel, planned in the Bosche-Hogg Building — a historic building at Congress Avenue and Eighth Street plagued by low occupancy and bought out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy — will have 210 rooms and 120,000 square feet of office space, according to my intel.

Interesting to note, but according to transportation analysis, the hotel and office will add almost 1,000 new vehicle trips downtown on a daily basis if fully occupied compared to its current use, no doubt adding to Austin Transportation Chief Rob Spillar’s woes.

It looks like the new hotel and office space could spell the end of Hickory Street Bar & Grill. We’ll update this when we find out, a girl who answered the phone this morning didn’t know anything.

Steve Drenner’s law firm is working to merge the parcels at 800 Congress — which is Hickory Street Bar — and 804 Congress, which is the Bosche-Hogg Building, according to my info. The firm is also seeking central urban redevelopment (CURE), which allows for greater density than Central Business District (CBD) zoning. (For nerds out there who care: they are seeking an 18:1 floor-to-area ratio.)

Details about the project are still under wraps, but we’ll eventually get a complete rundown, because this zoning request will be heard at multiple city boards and commissions, though nothing is yet scheduled.


  1. Austin Healy says

    Yikes! I sure hope not! Either way, that’s a great spot for lil somethin somethin.

  2. Do you have official confirmation of that? I disagree. They still have full size rendering equivalents of the smaller version, which – fyi – seems to just be a smaller scale diagram withto show the generalness of the floor-to-ceiling design.

  3. Austin Healy says

    have they cut the height on the 416 hotel?? Dick Clark’s site shows a weird/short little rendering.

  4. So they are going to build a big hotel on top of it? That is a ton of rooms. And almost 3 times the office the space it has now. Hope they do something cool like the other hotel. The building really isn’t much to be honest. At least to me. Other than just the fact it is old of course. But I hope if they are going to build something there, it is something cool.

    Man…. 200 more hotel rooms? lol How many hotel rooms does downtown have now? Or how many will we have in 3 years when those two monsters are finishing up construction? Houston has like 4,400 I think. We will have half that just from two new hotels on their own, not counting another 800 hotel, and the rest around downtown. Not bad for little ol’ Austin.

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