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Help Promote RE/MAX, Help Austin Pets Alive

Help Promote RE/MAX, Help Austin Pets Alive

This past March, without much promotion, I launched RE/MAX Downtown Austin in the Rainey Street District.  It’s been a strong summer of sales, and now our focus is on reinvestment.

Rather than spending scarce $$$ on print advertising that is quickly obsolete, I believe we can simultaneously promote RE/MAX and invest in the community.

Few casualties of society are more troubling than abused or neglected animals.  Indeed, most of us feel this way.  We would look the other way if Chuck Norris sought vengeance upon the Michael Vicks of the works.

So, here’s how we’re going to spend my limited ad budget: we’re going to donate the entirety of it to Austin Pets Alive and rally the community to help.

Once the RE/MAX Downtown Austin facebook fan page reaches 2,000 “likes”, I’ll donate $1,000.00 to Austin Pets Alive.  It’s a modest goal, knowing that not everyone gets excited about real estate fan pages [like I do :-)]

The first step was to run the idea by the founder and matriarch of APA, Ellen Jefferson. I’m grateful to have her support and look forward to making a significant contribution to APA.  It’s exciting to promote awareness for RE/MAX Downtown Austin knowing the money will directly impact animal safety, shelter, adoption.

Please repost this: “Like” @RE/MAX Downtown Austin on facebook and help raise $1,000.00 to support @Austin Pets Alive once.  Please share!

Thanks for your help!
UPDATE 9/6/2011: RE/MAX Downtown Austin is accelerating our donation of $1,000 to Austin Pets Alive! immediately, in order to support APA’s ongoing efforts to assist the animals affected by the fires. There are some things more urgent than being “liked”. While short of our goal of reaching 2,000 “fans”, we’re grateful for all of our new fans. Thanks, everyone!

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Escobedo Esthetics Loves Your Mug

Escobedo Esthetics Loves Your Mug

Tucked on the southern side of the ground floor of the Spring Condos, Escobedo Esthetics is a new 3,000 sf office that offers a variety of cosmetic surgery services.

My friend Kristina won a gift card to for a microdermabrasion treatment at the last DANA Urban Core Happy Hour . She couldn’t go, so I put that baby to good use.

Upon arrival, immediately I noticed the clean lines and almost masculine feel of the place: dark woods, brown shiny concrete floors, and deep red and blues.  [Read more…]

Rainey Street Stakeholders Hug It Out Over OMV Permits

Rainey Street Stakeholders Hug It Out Over OMV Permits

Despite the trend of obstructionist politics, private parties interested in progress will collaborate and compromise to reach an acceptable solution. Seeking a resolution to Outdoor Music Venue compatibility in downtown Austin’s Rainey Street District is a good example.

Rainey Street is dominantly residential.  Ironically, the incredible residential density is a result of permissive CBD zoning.  CBD is a sword of a zoning definition that can cut both ways.  When the economy tanked, so did the opportunity for  Rainey Street bungalow owners holding out for big $$$ to cash out, and they were left holding an expensive property tax bill.

When you have CBD zoning on a small mid-block lot what do you do until you can be assembled into a larger development (like this)?   [Read more…]

Bats & Beers

Bats & Beers

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in downtown Austin’s Shore Condos. Resident Nate Taylor and Matt Abendschein have turned their passion for ez-living, good beer, and good views into an event known simply as “Bats & Beer”.

Bats & Beers is a monthly event showcasing Austin craft brewers, and is an opportunity to gather with good people and explore the craft beer industry in Austin.  Set on a pool deck overlooking Lady Bird Lake and Downtown Austin, Bats & Beers aims to connect brew masters, chefs and engaged people of Austin to explore creations and collaborations.

I like this genre of curated entertainment/leisure/dining – one of the attendees compared it to Dai Due, but for beer.  Since I would typically reach for the coldest Coors Light or Shiner Bock available, it’s events like these where I learn to appreciate good craft brews.

This month featured Jeffrey Stuffings, owner/brewer of Jester King Craft Brewery, offered tastings of “Drink’in The Sunbelt” (hoppy white beer), Wytchmaker (rye India pale ale), and Black Metal (imperial stout).  Next month: Austin Beerworks.


Forbidden Fruit Says Farewell To E. 6th Street District

Forbidden Fruit Says Farewell To E. 6th Street District

Kinky sigh.

A familiar icon of Austin small business, a lone downtown Austin retailer amidst a sea of E 6th Street bars, is shutting its downtown doors on August 28th.  The ABJ reports that Forbidden Fruit is redirecting its efforts on a better performing store.  From the article, owner Lynn Rairden says:

“We have seen a dramatic shift in customer base away from this location, with more of our patrons shopping at the store at 108 E. North Loop”

So, is North Loop just kinkier than downtown? I doubt that, but Forbidden Fruit is crowd sourcing their next location.

I will be sad to see it go.  I stepped into the store a couple of times in college, and since then I just enjoyed knowing it was there.  Forbidden Fruit’s downtown store was a beacon of hope for Austin small businesses anticipating that 6th Street can rebalance its mix of commercial use to include more retail.