10 Minutes From Rainey Street

10 Minutes From Rainey Street

Starting in downtown Austin’s Rainey Street neighborhood, we approximate the distance we can travel by foot, by bike, or by car in 10 minutes.

You can try it, too, after the jump.

10 minutes is my mental tipping point for deciding on any of the above modes of transportation.

On a hot summer day I would still opt to drive from The Shore Condos if I need to get beyond Congress Avenue, which is shown on the map as approximately as far as I can get in 10 minutes using the ol’ leather express.  Any further and I show up to business meetings drenched in sweat.

Checkout the image below.  I can head east by bike and get to East Side Pies in 10 minutes.  I can walk towards Congress and grab a coffee at Caffe Medici within 10 minutes.  If I need some grub at 4am, I can drive to Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Blvd within 10 minutes.

How far you’re willing to walk, bike, or drive is dependent upon what you’re heading out for.  99% of people who live east of Congress Ave – who are by proximity not anchored with Whole Foods – will drive for all of their groceries.  Do you see the opportunity Trader Joes?!

Check out http://cartoo.dyndns.org.

Hat tip to Karl-Thomas Musselman at Burnt Orange Report. Thanks, KT!

Starting In Rainey Street, How Far Can You Go In 10 Minutes?

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  1. RL Reeves Jr says

    We took a walk down Rainey the other day and could not believe how many new places are rehabbing old houses into becoming bars

    1]Jack and Diane’s
    2]Rainey St. Bar
    5]Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden
    6]El Naranjo

    we took a bunch of pics and issued a report http://chowpapi.com/

  2. Great comment on the grocery shopping. The new Royal Blue location on Congress is right on the fringe of what I’m willing to bring stuff back from, but everything else does tend to involve driving. It’s even among the reasons I don’t hit the farmer’s market much.

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