Downtown Austin’s Asian Cuisine Corridor (Mai Thai Austin MENU & Restaurant Review)

Downtown Austin’s Asian Cuisine Corridor (Mai Thai Austin MENU & Restaurant Review)

Did you know, that in the two blocks between Cesar Chavez and 3rd Street on San Jacinto, there are four restaurants that fall under the category of Asian cuisine – Chinese (P.F. Chang’s), Japanese (Piranha Killer Sushi), and Mongolian (Mongolian Grille Downtown), and now, with the area’s newest addition, Thai (Mai Thai)?  I’m gonna start calling this the Asian Cuisine Corridor – I’m hoping the name will catch on.

I noticed this informal agglomeration walking back to my house after my first meal at Mai Thai.

Mai Thai’s food was delicious, by the way.  I was told that the seafood they have is fresh, not frozen, and my meal was definitely hot and cooked fresh to order.  I had the Shrimp “Mai Thai” Fried Rice (cost = $11).  Here’s a picture:

Mai Thai Shrimp Fried Rice Meal

The shrimp were tasty and seemed fresh – and, you know what? – I counted NINE of them in my meal.  Pretty good deal for $11, if you ask me.

It’s a pretty small restaurant, but they’ve done some good things decor wise, not the least of which is having some good art up by local artist Judy Paul:

Mai Thai Restaurant Austin

Mai Thai Restaurant, Austin, TX

It’s clean, the ceilings are high, and the colors are rich – works for me.

For those that are interested, here is the menu (click once for picture page, then again for full size image):

And here are the stats:

207 San Jacinto Blvd. #201
Austin, Texas 78701

M-W: 11am – 10pm
Th-Sat: 11am – 12midnight
Sun: 12noon – 10pm

Lunch menu is available everyday
including weekends 11 am – 3 pm.

Want Food Delivery? Go here.

All in all, Mai Thai is a good addition to Downtown Austin’s “Asian Cuisine Corridor” (it’s gonna catch on, I know it) – now we just need to lobby for a Vietnamese or Korean spot to add to the selections.

-ps- I had to try REALLY hard to refrain from using Thai puns in this post, and I hope all my anti-pun readers appreciate the effort. 🙂

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  1. Perhaps an ‘Asiatown’ designation?

  2. Miguel Monsivais says

    austin needs a chinatown in downtown…. this could be the beginnings.

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