What Type Of Retail Will Replace The AMOA?

What Type Of Retail Will Replace The AMOA?

With downtown Austin’s AMOA no longer exhibiting at 823 Congress Ave, what will fill the void?  Most stakeholders I know are hoping for retail.

The corner space includes 12,000 square feet, lots of glass (fenestration for the urbanistas), and has a nice outside plaza.

It’s clear what is missing from the downtown retail mix: a large destination retail store that appeals to a broad base of customers; rather than a boutique store with a limited audience.

Will us downtown Austin condo dwellers get our wish for a Breed & Company or Target (don’t hate!).  Time will tell.  Until then it’s fun to speculate about how to achieve highest and best use of this great space.

What do you want to see?  Use the comments and see more pics after the jump.  


AMOA retail space - 3

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  1. Sarah Nemec says

    I live on this block and would be crushed if an Apple store went in here (Apple makes more sense on 2nd anyway-right). Breed & Co., Target, or a grocery store would be awesome here! But, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at H&M.

  2. Austin Healy says

    agreed 100% ^^^

  3. H&M all the way

  4. Austin Healy says

    I’ve been wanting to see Apple on Congress ever since they teased with the pop-up during sx.

  5. Lance Hunter says

    It would be great (and very convenient) to have an Apple store downtown. Though yea, it’s wouldn’t be as useful to downtown residents as something like Breed & Co. An Apple store downtown would be more of a traffic-generator from people in the downtown-adjacent areas.

  6. As far as a potential Apple store, it definitely has the “glass box” thing going for it. Doing just a little bit of research, I found most Apple stores range from 3-6k sf with a few pushing beyond 14k sf and the biggest is 20k sf.

  7. Austin Healy says

    That spot is a GEM! From what I remember, it has that awesome skylight that would make anything inside look amazing.

    I would love to see something urban dwellers could use on a weekly basis. Breed & Co would be awesome!
    But….It kinda screams Apple to me.

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