Austin Bike Share Gets A $1.5 Million Boost

Austin Bike Share Gets A $1.5 Million Boost

In an announcement by the Austin Transportation Department, we learn that CAMPO has approved $22 million for Austin transportation projects, including $1.5 million for Austin bike share!

The $1.5MM grant required matching funds of at least 20%. Mellow Johnny’s, GSD&M, and a growing roster of local businesses are stepping up to raise an additional $500,000.

Ever since seeing a successful bike share in action (Minneapolis and Montreal), I’ve been an apostle for bringing a robust, managed, convenient, and predictable system to Austin.

For years a managed cycle program was not even part of the transit discussion.  The reason for the surge in broad based popularity comes down to money.  For a fraction of the cost of buses, a managed bike share system can solve many of the same last-mile challenges.

Now, because of leadership at City Hall and the financial commitment by local businesses, Austin bike share is integral to discussions of last-mile and urban transportation options in Austin, Texas.


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  1. Bike share funding! That’s awesome! This is a no-lose proposition…cities that have adopted say it is sustaining within a year (it is usually funded via private initiatives and paid for by sponsorships, advertising and usage fees). Works great with little or no glitches, encourages green transportation and will probably help bike lane advocates get further faster, which Austin bicyclists could ALL really benefit from!

  2. Walt Tashnick says

    OK – Johnson Creek Trail
    There is a trail system underneath the spaghetti junction at MOPAC and West 1st, 5th & 6th. It runs North from the MOPAC pedestrian underbridge near Austin High (the back door to Zilker Park) up to Enfield and MOPAC. Luckily for Austin it was part of the original MOPAC design well before the bicycle/pedestrian lobbies were as organised as they are now. It is quite hidden and spectacular, just waiting for urban explorers to add it to their list of discoveries.

  3. Walt Tashnick says

    When I downsized from the suburbs to the city in 1999 I found a legacy trail system ( Shoal Creek, Barton Creek, Johnson Creek, Waller Creek and Town Lake from MOPAC to the Montopolis Bridge) of surprising quality, foresight, usefulness, great beauty and anonymity. I had it almost to myself in the early years. It does my heart good to see so many Austinites out enjoying it these days.

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