Waller Creek Update Reveals Actual Tunnels!

Waller Creek Update Reveals Actual Tunnels!

Today the City of Austin released the latest issue of Waller Creek Tunnel Project Updates.  Don’t yawn – just check out the pics of real tunnels – under downtown Austin!

OK, so the massive middle-earth boring machine shown on page two is stock footage, but I confirmed with Carolyn Perez that the other photos are indeed from Waller Creek improvements, which is great to see.  

Combined with the parallel Sabine Street promenade effort and earnestness of the eponymous Conservancy, the Waller Creek District is becoming the most exciting part of downtown Austin to watch.

You can download the newsletter here: Waller Creek – winter 2012 newsletter (pdf)

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  1. avatar Austin Healy says:

    ^^^ Yes. Things are going to be very awesome throughout this next decade. I think we’ll see more of East Austin & Downtown merge with one another, and the west edge (Seaholm District) fully blossom.

  2. avatar Lance Hunter says:

    It’s going to be a very interesting decade in that part of town. I can honestly say I have no idea what it’ll be like when it’s all done.

  3. Wow how neat is that? This is why I love where I am from. Some really great things going on in Austin.

  4. avatar Austin Healy says:

    Aweeeeeesome. Juan Pelota will be opening a second location in the boat house from what my best pal (who works there) told me.

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