Austin Bike Zoo Needs Your Help | Support the Arts in Downtown Austin

Austin Bike Zoo Needs Your Help | Support the Arts in Downtown Austin

Readers, I’m guessing by now that you’ve been to G’Raj Mahal – one of my favorite restaurants in all of Austin. I’m betting you enjoyed the food immensely, loved the fact that you could bring your own alcohol, and reveled in the open atmosphere of the trailer / restaurant / Indian food sensation. I’m also guessing you’ve noticed the rather large and fantastic white “snake” bike that hangs out at G’Raj Mahal.  And you probably were, like, “What is that thing?”

Here’s a picture, just in case you have no earthly idea what I’m talking about:

Picture from Austin 360 / Addie Broyles

Well, that snake / bike does not belong to G’Raj Mahal, it actually belongs to a group of artists called The Austin Bike Zoo.  A little bit about them:

The Austin Bike Zoo’s Human Powered Puppetry is dedicated to inspiring communities through the creation of unique human powered vehicles, bicycle-based theatrical performances and educational programs for youth.

DAB Readers, The ABZ is a pretty neat group, and they do pretty neat things.  And they need our help.

They are doing a series of FREE TO THE PUBLIC shows in May / June of this year in downtown Austin, and they are trying to raise money to build bikes, buy costuming, and pay for all of the other costs associated with putting on a professional production.

Amber Gugino (me!) of Downtown Austin Blog has been working with them, and has created a Kickstarter page to help raise awareness and generate micro-donations.  Please, if you have a moment, and if you want to support something great – visit the Kickstarter page and Back This Project.  You will be asked to create a Kickstarter Account with an email / password, and then you will be directed to Amazon Payments to make your pledge.  You will not be charged anything unless Austin Bike Zoo reaches their funding goal.  Which also means if Austin Bike Zoo doesn’t raise their funding goal – they won’t receive ANYTHING!

The Kickstarter page is here:

Please visit, please pledge, and please spread the word.


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