Javelina Bar: MENU, Pictures, Short Review, and a Call for Action

Javelina Bar: MENU, Pictures, Short Review, and a Call for Action

Another bar, ahem – excuse me – I mean to say a real restaurant (golly gee!) has finally opened in the Rainey District of Downtown Austin.  Yes – reader – you may be sensing sarcasm.  That’s because even though, yes, Javelina Bar has a kitchen and a menu – making them technically a restaurant – and even though the owners are touting that they are different than the other bars in the district because they have said kitchen – there’s no mistaking that this place totally feels more like a bar than a restaurant – I mean, it even has the word “Bar” in its name.

But – I will say, I think it’s a step in the right direction. A nice, large step in the right direction.

I visited the brand new establishment yesterday, had a couple of brews and a fairly delish veggie burger (they put queso on it, too!).  Nice, clean, pseudo-rustic environment. Understandably, they were working out some kinks, but I will say, the food was alright and the service was super friendly (shout-out to bartender / server Amanda!).

So, here’s the menu – in all of its glory:  

And here are some pictures of the joint (and my meal):

And now for the CALL TO ACTION:

People – every time you go into Javelina – please order food!  Let the owners know you would to there for lunch, too!  Facebook them, call them, write them letters.  They have said if there is a demand, they will extend their kitchen hours – and who knows – they may even expand their offerings.  Let’s show them we demand it!!!



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  1. Meredith Brock says

    Just tried it Sunday afternoon, and the sweet potato fries are a must!

  2. I will try that out. Thanks for the info on the restaurant!! It looks great…especially the javelina burger.

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