Sutton Company Proposes Towers In Rainey Street District

Sutton Company Proposes Towers In Rainey Street District

The Statesman broke the story publicly yesterday that the Sutton Company intends to build a multi-tower 40+ story mixed-use project at the north end of the Rainey Street District. The assemblage includes 9-10 lots wrapping Rainey Street, Driskill Street, and East Ave. We’ve mocked-up a footprint of the site (below).

Sutton Company Site - Rainey Street

The renderings show two point towers, both over 40 stories, and a third office tower in the background.  As a Downtown/Rainey Street neighbor, I’d love to see this project happen. This is exactly the type of concept envisioned for Rainey back when zoning was changed to CBD.

Sutton Company Development on Rainey Street

This is the second major residential concept proposed for the Rainey Street District within the past couple of months.  The other being the Austin Skyhouse proposed by Andrews Urban/Novare.  If built, a portion of the ad valorem taxes from these projects would contribute to the Waller Creek TIF district.

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  1. Never mind about Lustre Pearl!

  2. Thrilled to get new high rise condos in this neighborhood! We’ll buy for sure! Sidewalks, parking, retail. Hopefully a nice sized grocery. Should put a HEB Central Mkt over here! Love living in the Rainey St Neighborhood! Ready to buy phase 1 of something! Priced out of Four Seasons and The Austonian and no gas cooking in The Shore. No more apartments please! We can keep the charm of Rainey St as long as they do this correctly.

  3. Great post I really like this concept, especially the incorporation of the hotel element into the residential tower. I have been fascinated for the past 2 years about how not-typical Texas, austin is really becoming and only stumbled on this site today. I will definitely be returning.

  4. I would expect that a condition of building this project would be installing sidewalks – so at least these blocks would have them going forward.

  5. My ten cents is mixed feelings. Always pro downtown Austin growth and love increasing the density of downtown, but I think this project as designed will also kill the cool vibe the Rainey Street has going right now. It currently seems to have the right balance of towers and neighborhood. Really all that is missing is parking and better side walks and Rainey. I even had a fantasy of seeing Rainey becoming an all pedestrian street. Id’ feel better if project were filling out already vacant lots like the one directly to the north. Oh well…

    • Josh Conrad says

      The City Landmarks Comission is set to hear the case this Monday (23rd, 7pm). Since the area is a National Register Historic District (as a prime example of a downtown Austin bungalow district), its possible they will place a demolition delay and perhaps even build a case for Local Historic District designation which will prevent this project from happening at all.

  6. Josh Conrad says

    Is strange, I thought the whole success of the area was actually due to the classic Austin bungalow neighborhood vibe? Thats at least what I and all my friends who frequent the bars and restaurants say… This project would completely destroy this.

  7. n russell says

    That wont make 35 traffic worse (sarcasm)…. Are you kidding me? how about you spare all of the people who already live here the trouble.

  8. If anybody’s concerned like I was, Lustre Pearl and Icenhauer’s are (apparently) safe.

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